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2020年2月12日 会计 校友 商业管理 学院 金融 学生

唐和安妮·爱德华兹的支持吉斯业务与$ 700万投资

Gies College of Business alumni Don Edwards – chair of the University of Illinois Board of Trustees – and his wife Anne have announced a $10 million gift to the University of Illinois, $7 million of which will support scholarships and initiatives within Gies Business. The gift is the largest ever by University of Illinois trustee.

The Edwards family will invest $2 million toward merit scholarships for Gies College of Business students with a goal of ensuring the very top students choose Gies. These scholarship recipients will be known as Edwards Scholars, in recognition of the Edwards’ support of the College.

Don Edwards 3此外礼物提供了吉斯和之间的关系显著支持 发现合作伙伴研究所(DPI),世界一流的研究和教育中心为首的博狗体育官网的系统。爱德华兹是捐赠$ 3百万到支持 吉斯教授 working at DPI in Chicago, and another $2 million will go toward a DPI-Gies Technology/Innovation Fund, which will support facilities and innovative programs. DPI is a purpose-driven, collaborative research institute focused on building prosperity for all and growing the state’s workforce by creating solutions to grand challenges.